Jury Duty

The Jury Department is responsible for the selection and payment processing of the jurors used by the 21st Judicial District Court in Livingston Parish.

If you have received a summons to appear for Jury Duty ...

Call 225.686.1525 or toll-free 866.686.1525 the evening before your appearance date for reporting instructions

The judges of the 21st Judicial District Court set the guidelines for the number of people empanelled for civil and criminal juries. The judge is the only person who can excuse someone from jury service.

Because of the limited space in the Livingston Parish Courthouse, we do not have a separate jury room for jurors. All jurors report to Courtroom One, where a roll is taken. After the roll has been taken, the judge enters the courtroom and explains the qualifications required to serve as a juror and the exemptions from jury service that may be claimed. If any juror feels that he or she does not meet the qualifications or wishes to claim an exemption, the judge gives that person the opportunity to speak with him/her one-on-one to explain their situation.

In order to serve as a juror, you must:

Be a United States and a Louisiana citizen who has resided in Livingston Parish for at least one year immediately preceding your jury service;
Be at least eighteen years of age;
Be able to read, write and speak the English language;
Not be under interdiction or incapable of serving as a prospective juror because of a mental or physical infirmity;
Not be under indictment for a felony nor have been convicted of a felony for which you have not been pardoned.

There are three exemptions which may be claimed:

You have performed jury service in the 21st Judicial District Court within the last two years of your reporting date;
Serving would result in an undue hardship or extreme inconvenience;
You are seventy years of age and older

If you feel you do not meet the above qualifications or wish to claim an exemption, you must contact the Judges Chambers by phone at 225.686.7461.

A juror receives $25.00 per day plus 16 per mile traveled from and to his or her residence as listed on the subpoena.

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