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Can you tell me if a pleading has been signed by a judge?

Yes. Please provide the following information to the Civil Department:

• Suit caption and docket number
• Approximate date the pleading was filed

Do you have a small claims court?

Depending on the ward where you reside, you may be able to file in the Denham Springs City Court or through the Justice of the Peace in your ward of residence.

How can I get a domestic restraining order?

Contact Southeast Spouse Abuse Program at  985-542-8384 to see if you meet the qualifications.  They will direct you at that point.

How can I get a restraining order?

An attorney normally files restraining orders. There are no forms available at the Clerk of Court’s office. Please contact your attorney.

How can I obtain a civil transcript?

Contact the Livingston Parish Clerk of Court’s office at 225-686-2216 and ask for the Minute Clerk of the division to which the case is assigned. You will need to provide the date of the hearing.

Where do I look for a succession?

A succession is normally filed in the Clerk of Court’s office in the parish where the deceased resided. If the succession is in Livingston Parish, you may call the Clerk of Court’s office and ask for the Civil Records Section. Please have the full name of the deceased.

Who is responsible for providing payment of a jury bond?

The party requesting a civil jury trial is responsible for presenting to the court an order for the calling of the jury. The jury will not be called until the Clerk of Court receives a jury bond in the amount stated on the scheduling order. Also, Article 1734.1 of the Code of Civil Procedure provides that the court may require an additional amount to be deposited during the trial if the original amount of the cash deposit is insufficient to pay jury costs.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Minute Clerk of the division in which the jury trial is set.


Can I get a copy of my marriage license from the Livingston Clerk of Court?

Yes, but only if you purchased your license from the Livingston Clerk of Court.

Do both parties need to be present to apply for and receive a marriage license?

Both parties do not need to be present to receive a marriage license

What do I need to get a marriage license?

• A copy of both parties’ birth certificates
• Driver’s license or picture ID of both parties
• If either party was previously married and received a judgement of divorce within 30 days of applying, you must have a copy of your judgement of divorce
• $31 for the fee (payable with cash or credit/debit card)

For additional information, please visit the Marriage License page.

Where can I get a copy of my marriage license?

You must contact the Clerk of the parish where you purchased your marriage license.

Birth & Death Certificates

Where can I get a copy of my birth certificate?

If you are from Louisiana, you may call Vital Statistics at 504-568-8353 or toll free at 800-454-9570. For more information, please visit the Birth Certificate page.

Where can I get a copy of a death certificate?

Certain family members may obtain a death certificate from our main office if the death occurred in the State of Louisiana after July 7, 2012. You will need to contact Vital Records in New Orleans at 504-593-5100 for any death certificate prior to this date.

If you need to alter or amend a birth or death certificate you must do so through Vital Records in New Orleans.

Learn more on our birth & death certificates page

Jury Duty

How do I find out if jury duty has been canceled?

You may call 225-686-1525 or toll free at 866-686-1525 after 4:30 p.m. on the day preceding your report date, and a recording will advise you of your appearance requirements.

I've already sent in a medical excuse to the judge. How can I check to see if I have been excused from jury duty??

You must call the Judge Chambers at 225-686-7461, and they will inform you.

With whom do I need to speak to find out if I am exempt from jury duty?

You are required to show up on the day you are scheduled. The judge is the only person who can excuse you from jury duty. To be excused from court, please call the Judge Chambers at 225-686-7461.


Can you give me a criminal disposition?

You must request a criminal disposition in writing and pay a fee of $10 per name per charge. Mail your request and check or money order payable to the Livingston Parish Clerk of Court to:

Livingston Parish Clerk of Court
ATTN: Criminal Filing Desk
P.O. Box 1150
Livingston, LA 70754

Does your office provide a form for expungement?

Yes. Our office has an expungement package we can provide to you. You can also go to to download the forms. Expungements must be submitted to the Clerk’s office already prepared by an attorney or by the individual requesting the expungement.

How can I obtain a criminal transcript?

The party requesting the transcript should contact the Livingston Parish Clerk of Court’s Criminal Department in person or in writing. You must provide the date, defendant name, and the division of the hearing along with your contact information including address and phone number.

How do I find out the total cost of my traffic ticket?

You can call the Collections Department of the 21st Judicial District Court at 225-435-7002.

How much does it cost to file an expungement?

The cost for filing an expungement is $200.00, payable to the Livingston Parish Clerk of Court; $250, payable to the Louisiana State Police; $50, payable to the Livingston Parish Sheriff; and $50, payable to the 21st JDC District Attorney.

What is Article 894?

The legal definition of Article 894 can be found in the Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedure (CCRP §894). The Clerk of Court cannot interpret the law or answer questions regarding it. Questions concerning Article 894 should be addressed to a licensed attorney.

Where do I pay my traffic ticket?

Payments can be made at the Livingston Parish courthouse, by calling the Collections Department at 225-435-7002, or online at

Who is my probation officer?

If you were placed on felony probation, the Probation and Parole office can answer this question. You can call them at 800-841-5720.

If you have been placed on misdemeanor probation, contact the 21st Judicial District Court Misdemeanor Probation office at 985-747-1308.


Can you tell me who owns the property at a certain address?

No. We can only look up a piece of property by a person’s name. The Parish Assessor’s Office can look up property for you by the property’s address. You can call them at 225-686-7278.

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