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Anti-Discrimination And Anti-Harassment Policy

The Clerk’s Office will not tolerate unlawful harassment of or discrimination against any employee by another employee, Supervisor, customer, independent contractor, vendor, or visitor for any reason. It is the intent of the Clerk’s Office to ensure that no employee is subject to harassment or discrimination in the workplace.

The Clerk’s Office’s policy prohibits unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment, and/or harassment based on race, religious creed (including religious dress and grooming practices), color, national origin, ancestry/ethnicity, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, genetic information and/or predisposition, marital status, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, and related medical conditions), gender identity and/or expression, age for individuals over forty years of age, sexual orientation, political affiliation, military and veteran status of any person, or any other consideration made unlawful by any applicable federal, state or local laws. It also prohibits unlawful discrimination and/or harassment based on the perception that anyone has any of those characteristics or is associated with a person who has or is perceived as having any of those characteristics. All such discrimination, sexual harassment, and/or harassment is unlawful and prohibited by the Clerk’s Office.

The Clerk’s Office’s anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policy applies to all persons involved in the operation of the Office, including all employees, Supervisors, and those in management, as well as all persons doing business with or for the Office, including vendors, customers, independent contractors, and others who enter the workplace. The Clerk’s Office’s anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policy prohibits unlawful harassment by any employee of the Office, including Supervisors and co-workers of the above-listed persons.

Prohibited unlawful harassment based upon sex (gender or pregnancy), or other protected characteristics (age, race, national origin, etc.) includes, but is not limited to, the following behavior:

  • Verbal conduct such as epithets, derogatory jokes or comments, slurs or unwanted sexual advances, invitations or comments;
  • Visual conduct such as derogatory and/or sexually oriented posters, photography, cartoons, drawings or gestures;
  • Physical conduct such as assault, unwanted touching, blocking normal movement or interfering with work because of sex, race or any other protected basis;
  • Threats and demands to submit to sexual requests as a condition of continued employment, or to avoid some other loss, and offers of employment benefits in return for sexual favors; and
  • Retaliation for having reported or threatened to report harassment, discrimination or retaliation.

The Clerk’s Office takes all complaints regarding discrimination, sexual harassment, and/or harassment in the workplace seriously. Any employee that feels he or she is a victim of any form of harassment or discrimination must immediately report the matter by informing the Human Resources Director, Chief of Operations, Chief Deputy, and/or the Clerk of Court. All complaints shall be documented, and details be provided in writing. Each employee has not only a right, but a duty, to report conduct in which he or she believes may constitute discrimination or harassment. The Clerk’s Office will not condone or authorize any kind of retaliation against an employee who has made a good faith report or conduct which he or she believes may constitute harassment or discrimination in violation of this policy. Those involved in the investigation process should also participate without fear of retaliation.

The Clerk’s Office will process all complaints of discrimination and/or harassment and will take responsibility for coordinating all investigations. It will be required that the complainant and alleged harasser be part of the investigation. All investigations will be documented.

In the instance it is found that an allegation brought forth is intentionally false, disciplinary action up to and including termination will be warranted for the offender(s).
Any employee, regardless of position or title, whom the Clerk’s Office determines has engaged in discrimination, sexual harassment, and/or harassment in violation of this policy, will be subject to discipline, up to and including unpaid suspension and/or termination of employment. Regardless of what the internal investigation finds, the complainant does have a right to pursue a claim under state or federal law.


Retaliation includes but is not limited to any verbal abuse, threats of withholding pay, promotions, or other employment opportunities, or any significant adverse treatment based on a retaliatory motive that may deter protected activity.

These types of behaviors will not be tolerated by the Clerk of Court and should promptly be reported to either the Clerk or a member of Supervision.

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