Criminal Department

The Criminal Department is responsible for filing all formal charges from the District Attorney's Office. It handles all felony charges for crimes that occur in Livingston Parish. It handles only those misdemeanor charges and traffic citations which occur outside the city limits of the municipal courts. (For example, if you receive a traffic citation or a misdemeanor charge within the city limits of a municipality such as Denham Springs, you must go to Denham Springs to either pay or appear in City Court on the violation.)

The Criminal Department issues criminal subpoenas, criminal and civil bench warrants, and conducts criminal background searches.

The Criminal Department also files all Juvenile Delinquent and Child(ren) in Need of Care petitions. All juvenile records are confidential; only an officer of the Court may view them without a specific court order signed by a judge.

Minute Clerks

There are currently eleven minute clerks - one for each of the nine District Judges; one for the district's Hearing Officer; and one for the parish traffic division.

Minute Clerk duties include the following:

  • to keep and transcribe the minutes of each court session
  • to administer the oath to witnesses and jurors
  • to record all documents and exhibits that are offered in open court
  • to send out notices of judgments rendered in open court to all affected parties
  • to maintain all dockets (criminal and civil)
  • to prepare all appeals (civil or criminal)
  • to send out notices of pretrial conferences to all parties
  • to prepare and process all attachments

Court Personnel

Click here for a listing of minute clerks, judges, and court reporters.

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For more information, call the Clerk of Court's Office at 225.686.2216 and ask for the Criminal Department.

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